Springfield Methodist Church

Springfield Methodist Church
200 Wandsworth Road
London SW8 2JU

Tel: 020 7622 4438

Pastoral Oversight:           Rev. Rita King

Sunday Worship:                10:30 a.m. 
                                             6:30 p.m. (due to Covid 19 these are currently cancelled until further notice)

On Bus Route:                     77, 87, 196. P5      
                                             Get off Nine Elms on Northern Line tube station

Direction:                               See map below...


The name “Friendship House” gives an insight into the initial vision for Springfield church that started, possibly in the late 1900s.  Revd. George Whitley was the minister from 1902 – 1907 and the first recorded in the church.  The church building was massive, elegant and fit for purpose and had several functional communal spaces that would have great service today.   The basement was equally massive. Lots of social functions and a good youth programme were held in the main basement hall.  In the 1980’s and beyond, one of the halls was frequently used by the youths for five a side football amongst other activities.  Most of the rest of the basement was permanently utilized by a resident nursery

The Girls and Boys Brigade were also part of the church’s ministry for many years.  Members of the 38th Boys Brigade continued to attend the church anniversaries and contributing to the church well past 2010 when they were a lot fewer and no longer able to travel.  One of their plaques states, “In grateful thanks to Springfield Methodist Church for its care and support during those years.”  This speaks of the church’s ministry in the past but it’s also an inspiration for the present.

In the second half of the 1990’s and a few years into Revd. Phillip Hewett’s ministry, the unexpected unfortunately came to light. The building was diagnosed hazardous as bits were falling off, consequently the nursery had to be closed.  This gave rise to serious discussion and decision about the maintenance and retention of the building.  Also, although the youth activities were no longer at pick they were maintained.  The frailty of the elderly ladies who were the backbone of activities such as the luncheon club however, could not sustain its continuation and the luncheon club closed.  Ultimately, it was decided that the church should seek financial assistance to redevelop the property.  As a result, Springfield congregation moved in with Stockwell Methodist Church in 2002. The site was later redeveloped, but the church front was retained being listed.

Whilst at Stockwell Church Revd. Yvonne Haye replaced Revd. Phillip Hewett. During her ministry, the new building was completed and the shell was handed to the church.  With a great deal of effort and support from some community members, a machinery was put in place for the equipping of the building to the suitability of a church.  The church and hall (now a nursery) were dedicated when Revd. Haye was still the minister of the church on 14th March 2009 and worship commenced in the building. Children and youth work resumed and during Revd. Arlington’s ministry, a luncheon hub once again became part of the church’s ministry, but not without several forbearing restraints.  Unfortunately, it had to close last year due to the decline in numbers.

The congregation is multiethnic, mainly from West Africa and the Caribbean with most age groups represented. The hope before the start of the COVID 19 pandemic was to recapture the church’s mission and fulfill it as best as possible with God’s help.