Lambeth Circuit - 2021 - Our Advent Journey


How we think of the divine event of the Incarnation is influenced by our liturgy and hymns, Christmas traditions and the world in which we live.  This year the Lambeth Circuit is offering members and friends the opportunity to explore what we mean when we say that ‘The Word became flesh’ in the words of John’s Gospel.  There are three different sessions planned...

Sunday 28 November – 2-5 pm trip to the Science Museum
What does it mean when we say The Word was made Flesh and He came down from heaven?  

A visit to the Science Museum led by the Revd Dr Andy Lyons to reflect on Science and Faith.  Meet at the Science Museum at 1.45 pm.

Sunday 5 December – 2- 4 pm trip to Studio Voltaire
How is God seen in the incarnated human experience?

A visit to the see the work of William Scott, Studio Voltaire, Nelson’s Row, Clapham @ 2 pm led by Revd Andy Dart   A guided tour of the first UK exhibition of the work of the African American artist William Scott.  Meet at Clapham Methodist Church at 1.45 pm or come earlier with your packed lunch and eat together before going on to Studio Voltaire.  
Refreshments provided during the visit and an activity suitable for children is available.

Tuesday 14 December 7.30 pm @ Clapham Methodist Church
Do our Christmas traditions illuminate or conceal the coming of Jesus?

Explore the origins of Christmas traditions in an evening of carols, readings, scripture and discussion at Clapham Methodist Church led by Revds Eleanor and Roy Jackson. Light refreshments available

You are welcome to join as many sessions as you wish.  Please register your attendance with the designated group leader beforehand so we know how many people will be meeting for that session and/or for catering purposes where indicated.